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Will The Real Man Stand?

Many years ago I pondered this question: Will the Real Man Stand? Wondering what are the characteristics and values of a man. Although a man’s physical features are easy on the eyes, I’ve come to discover the values and characteristics are just as important in a man’s makeup (so to speak). However, If you ask any woman she would give you her version of what a man should be: his looks, characteristics, religion, and values. Whatever the image a woman believes a man should possess, the fabric of a man has many layers from his boyhood to manhood.

In comparison to a woman, a man has many life, hats to wear such as being a father, a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a grandfather, and the list goes on and on. All of the titles, are significant for the relationships he will build and establish with the important people in his life.

The verbal phrase “Man Up,” is an action boys and men are being told to do to show bravery and exit out of their emotions. Will a Man Up mentality really promote masculinity? Will a “Man Up” attitude promote a man to fulfill his responsibilities?

Perhaps the word “Man Up” should be considered as “Man Out” and don’t use the verbal phrase at all. If there are challenges for a man to find his personal manhood, he will find his rites of passage in his own way and in his own time.

What’s important is the significant people in his life giving him support and love with positive words and actions. Although a man experiences many ups and downs from his boyhood to manhood, the hope is for him to be the best man he can be for himself and his loved ones.

As the boy develops into a man, his loved ones are hoping for the best relationship outcomes from those many man titles of life producing the fabrics of a man (silk, linen, denim, chiffon, velvet, etc…).

Question: Will The Real Man Stand up for his loved ones, waiting to nurture and cherish his relationships with positive experiences and life challenges allowing him to grow into his manhood.

Question: Will The Real Man Stand because we are waiting for his guidance, love, support, your smile, your laugh, pep talks, your protection, your prayers, etc... and the godly man you are becoming in our family lives.

Happy Father's Day!👔💙

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