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About Us

Founder: Susan Jackson

Susan Jackson was born and raised in Los Angeles California. She has over 23 years, as an Educator teaching many diverse students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade in various public, private, and charter schools in Southern California.

In 1996, Susan completed her undergraduate studies, at California State Dominquez Hills in Carson, California in Liberal Studies, with a minor in Psychology. In 2012, Susan was awarded a Masters Degree, in Marriage Family Therapy from California State Dominquez Hills.  In 2017, Susan completed a second Masters Degree in School Counseling from National University in Los Angeles, California. 

"Empower Her: Nurturing Virtuous Character and Excellence in Young Women"

"A Girl Can Change The World!"

Significantly, Susan has developed a passion, for mentoring and serving youth in underserved communities.

Our mission

 To bring this passion, to assist today's youth to become knowledgeable of the world around them, college bound, and successful adults.

Our vision
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 To bring this passion, to assist today's youth to become knowledgeable of the world around them, college bound, and successful adults.

DoV Club began in 2015, with Mrs. Natisha Echevarria and me. The idea of DoV (Daughters of Virtue) Club was to teach school-age girls virtuous character through guidance and discussion.
DoV Club resurged in 2017, reinvented to assist young women not only virtuous character, but to EmpowerHer through Academics, Leadership, Social Media Use, Etiquette, Emotional Intelligence, and Community Service

As DoV Club 2017 evolved, I begin to observe young women needing to learn how to Connect, and develop a bond for building friendships. Growing up, I was very disconnected from friendships and family bonds. If only there was a club or activity I could have met friends and build friendships. I was challenged while growing up in my social interaction life skills. I began to wonder what other girl was "that girl" like me!

Live DOVFree

Years later, a Divine Intervention (God) gave me the idea to add the component of Sisterhood through DoV Club. I started DoV Club in the various schools, where I worked as a teacher. The sessions focused on various life topics with discussion, and an engaging activities to explore self discovery.
In the beginning of the DoV Club sessions, the girls were apprehensive to engage however, as each session progressed, the girls became more social forming conversations with laughter. The girls were excited each week asking me, "When is DoV Club going to start?" This question leads me to believe, I was doing something right! Not only has DoV Club formed connections, but DoV Club has created Sisterhood Bonds.

My vision for the new evolved DoV Club is to create Sisterhood such as Oprah and Gayle, Elizabeth and Mary (in the Bible), Lucy and Ethel to name a few.  I am grateful DoV Club is a platform for participants to feel connected, supported, and loved because at the end of the day, "I am my Sister's Keeper!

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