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DoV's STREAM Program

DoV (Daughters of Virtue) Club was established to empower girls in the areas of Leadership, Academics, Social Media Awareness, Etiquette, Emotional Intelligence, and Community Service. 
The program also has a STREAM Focus to which the girls in the program are exposed to activities centered around the following:

1.  Science (S):  Activities in which the girls are able to use scientific concepts to conduct experiments during DoV Club meetings.

2.  Technology (T):  Activities are centered around using programs that are commonly used in school and the workplace, providing the girls an opportunity to gain mastery.  (i.e:  Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel). 

3.  Reading (R):  Activities are aligned with the current "Book of the Month" the girls will be reading with the Director, highlighting woman authors as well as books with female lead characters.  The students are then reinforcing their comprehension as well as other literary skills, helping them to understand the text and characters in the book. 

4.  Engineering (E):  Activities in this field center around applying their knowledge of technology and using it to design and build things such as robots, coding programs, and website designs. 


5.  Art (A):  Activities in this genre include visual and performing arts, as well as participating in community outreach programs, where the girls are able to assist students in proper etiquette and fashion. 


6.  Math (M):  Activities in this subject include financial literacy, learning how to balance a checkbook, finding the price of an item after it has been discounted by a certain percentage--all lessons aligned to real-life activities that they will experience in the real world. 

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