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Are New Year’s Resolutions Worth Sticking To?

As the New Year has approached there are many people, declaring a New Year’s Resolution but, some individuals manage to slay their New Year’s Resolution while others struggle with consistency to maintain their New Years mission.

However, DoV Club has investigated the definition of a New Year’s Resolution to ensure we all know how to proceed with starting the New Year with a positive mindset.

New Year’s Resolution can be pressuring and to some people, failure, as aligned in their motivated journey to greatness. However, this is not the case because to err is human. We all have personal goals and development to achieve and when there is a setback, there is a lesson to be learned.

Now that you know the meaning of New Year’s Resolution, keep it simple by doing things differently, take small steps, find an accountability partner, and reward yourself when you see progress. DoV Wishes and let us know how you’re doing go to We would love to hear from you!

Don’t give up! New Year’s Resolution Goals are a process and should be taken in (baby steps). No you’re not a baby but your New Year Goal is your baby so handle with care. ❤️

We want to leave with tips to support your so here are a few tips to stay motive in January and thereafter.

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