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Welcome Fall🍂

It’s A New Season: A New Perspective

It's a new season, it's a new day, fresh ideas, and fresh goals are set coming my way! Questions: How do you embrace a new season? What do you look forward to in a new season? They (whoever they are?) say, “People are in your life for a season.” Or “Maybe you were only supposed to be here (wherever that may be) for a season.” Yes, these cliche and scenario may be true, and I have experienced both the cliches and the scenarios.

Now that I am older, I tend to look at the seasons on earth differently, as I am redefining myself. Each season, I embrace the newness of what is expected to come and set goals for myself to reach my next level and or purpose.

This fall I'm setting my sights on new opportunities, new goals, improving myself to become a better person, and meeting people who will support my vision and goals. Yes, this is Emotional Intelligence!

The Purpose: A New Perspective that’s what the new season brings if we allow ourselves to embrace change. We all have a purpose and creativity. We need to unleash any fear that will keep us from the next levels in life.

Working on Yourself: Yes, it’s okay to be unapologetic to love yourself first, which may seem selfish to some people close to you. However, reaching the next levels for finding your purpose and success takes all of you not some of you or not sometimes, but consistency, and being proactive to make your dreams happen! So make it count start today and don’t delay! Don’t worry DoV supports You!

Now you can ask yourself what’s in a season? And what’s in it for you?

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