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Juneteenth A CELEBRATION of Freedom and Embracing Black Heritage Culture

Juneteenth A CELEBRATION of Freedom and Embracing Black Heritage Culture

I can hear the last words of Dr. King's “I Have A Dream” Speech, “Free at last, Free at last, thank God, Almighty we are free at last.”

What a joyous day June 19, 1865, after 400 years of slavery, The Emancipation of slaves and the new horizon of life to be lived, after years of the horrific acts of slavery. “WE FREE!”

Juneteenth is a celebration of Black Heritage, a rich culture filled with strength, pride, resilience, and love.

This Juneteenth I’m celebrating my ancestors’ power they endured within God to overcome slavery, and should be regained with Reparations overdue. The forty acres and a mule to be regained, from the enslavement and brutality my ancestors endured.

Question: How are you celebrating Juneteenth this year? What is your vision to celebrate Juneteeth this year?

Answer: Let’s embrace Juneteenth in unity and celebrate the Black Experience with a taste of Soul food, black culture musical vibes, support black businesses, build family values, watch Black Entertainment, and represent our culture of fashion. We should be mindful to learn of Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Massacre of black people in Oklahoma.

Lastly, if there is an elder blessed to grace us with their presence of life, have them share their life story. You will be blessed and amazed to learn something new about Black History.

As I am self reflecting about Juneteenth this year, my intention is to continue to grow and get better in my weaknesses, to become my best authentic self. I owe it to my ancestors who paved the way for me to have freedom, and to be successful in life. It is important that I uphold the beloved meaning of the Sankofa motto.

Let’s do just that, let’s go back and get our rich culture, and celebrate who we are as a people inside and out. Our ancestors are waiting on us, so we should not let our cloud of witnesses down as they are watching us from heaven. Let’s make them proud of our accomplishments, endurance, our unity, and our power as a people.

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