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When I workout at the track to walk or jog, it is very important that I have gym shoes to accommodate my legs and my feet. As we all know, there are plenty of gym shoes from the most brand worthy companies to support our lower-body workouts.

I have found support in Adidas Ultra Boost. Yes, as Run DMC lyrically rap bars about the comfortable fit of their adidas. Their bond with adidas was priceless as much as, how many pairs of sneakers they owned. I can totally relate how they feel about the love for their adidas. As I work out my lower body exercises, walk, or jog my adidas sneakers never give out on supporting my lower body muscles.

The benefits are worth the cost for an intense total body workout!

Here are a few bars from Run DMC’s “My Adidas” Rap

“My Adidas and me close as can be, We make a mean team, my Adidas and me, We get around together, we down forever, And we won't be mad when caught in bad weather, My Adidas, My Adidas, Yo, wassup?”

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