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Why I am Enjoying My Peloton Subscription?

When the Covid-19 Pandemic blindsided my gym workouts, I was able to find refuge in my Peloton subscription. When the Pandemic surfaced in the gyms, I was terminated from 24 Hour Fitness as a Cycle Instructor. I was heartbroken to stop my indoor cycling classes at 24 Hour Fitness. I considered the members of my class as my “Spin Family.” To this day, we reminisce about our class memories. Those classes were good times and a year later, my spin sisters and I still keep in touch.

My hope is to be able to teach indoor cycling classes again and share what I’ve learned from my Peloton workouts with my cycling members. Currently, my gym workouts are at home, through the digital membership led by my favorite Peloton Instructors.

Yes, no pun intended but we all have our favorite Peloton Instructors. The digital membership is $12.99 on the Peloton website. As a member of the Peloton family, the Instructors are empowering and versatile. Being a member and student of Peloton, I am learning different tips for strength training, songs, cardio, yoga, challenging routines, and the list goes on. Peloton Instructors make members feel included, no matter who you are culturally. Honestly, it feels like I have been working out with my family of Peloton Instructors for many years. Their motivation is priceless and In the words of Alex Toussaint.

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