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To Return or Not to Return?: Why Teachers are Quitting Education

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

After a year of uncertainty in 2020’s Covid-19 Pandemic, the new wave of virtual teaching, and the new Covid-19 Traditional Classroom setting, many teachers are opting to quit the profession or retire.

In the article, “More teachers plan to quit as Covid stress overwhelms educators” by Jessica Dickler she explains, “ After nearly a year of struggling to meet the demands of teaching during the coronavirus crisis, many educators say they are ready to switch careers or retire.”

With a host of meetings, conversations, and debates about student learning, one of the biggest factors to Educational learning is the well-being of the teacher.

Dickler states "The challenges of teaching in-person or online have stretched educators to their limits. After nearly a full year of either putting themselves at risk in a classroom or struggling to reach students remotely, many now say they may change careers or simply quit.

“Teachers have been feeling the brunt of how drastically this pandemic has changed our world,” said Colin Sharkey, executive director of the Association of American Educators, a national professional association.

With all the ups and downs in this Pandemic education, how can teachers revive from their Covid-19 burnout?

Here are 5 Tips from the article, “Practicing self-care during the coronavirus: 5 Tips for Teachers” by Brittany Newcomer, MS, LSSP.

1. Set and maintain boundaries

2. Reflect on your feelings and needs.

3. Recognize what is and isn’t in your control.

4. Acknowledge moments of gratitude or joy.

5. Use self-care routines throughout your day.

“Teachers are struggling and need processing time with a lot of these shifts,” says Lauren Jewett, a third/fourth-grade special education teacher in New Orleans. “This can be tough, so I am trying to remember to be accountable to self-care and empathy for those I am working with.”

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