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SPRING N' THINGS What's In It For Me?This Spring Season was a definite interruption with COVID-19

This Spring Season was a definite interruption with COVID-19 Pandemic, and we had no time to smell the roses. As this Pandemic surfaced into our lives, the Spring Season was never an opportunity to enjoy the blooming flowers, golden sunlight, the pastel colors, and the pretty spring dresses with sandals to wear for Easter.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic took it's residence, the people in the world had to adjust their lifestyles and PAUSE! The world shut down and the chaos begin with quarantining, social distancing, face masks, and no toilet paper on the shelves at the market. It seemed the Pandemic was our enemy with the loss of many lives, job layoffs, restaurants closing, and school closures for the year.

How does the world navigate through this storm? What is the meaning of this PAUSE? As I can only speak for myself, this Pause is EVERYTHING to my self discovery. I have renewed and refreshed talents and abilities I thought were gone a long time ago. I am retaking piano lessons, rediscovering childhood piano songs, reading music notes, and sifting through all those black and white piano keys from flats to sharps.

However, I am so excited I rediscovered DoV Club! DoV (Daughters of Virtue) Club Program is my vision baby and purpose to mentor, and EMPOWER a young lady to be the Best women she can BE! DoV's designed workshop sessions are engaging topics to build skills in leadership, etiquette, social media awareness, academics, and community service. This passion for DoV Club has reignited the "Go Get It Girl" put your cape on and save each and every girl spirit!

I must admit if it wasn't for this COVID-19 Pandemic Pause, my talents and abilities would still be a hidden treasure waiting for me to expose it's beauty within me. Although I am truly sorry for the lives lost, and the interruption of life the Pandemic has manifested, I am grateful to find my strength and purpose again to fulfill the plan God has created for me.

I'm flying DoVFree!

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