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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Spring is here and as a new season of change is in the air, it’s time to put OUT THE OLD AND BRING IN THE NEW! Spring is the season where flowers bloom, daylight savings is longer, and the thought of summer is just around the corner.

While working from home because of The COVID-19 Pandemic, I’ve had an Epiphany of my non-usage of space and the clutter around me. I have departed from many of the clothes I thought were OH! so important only to find out, a two-piece casual jogging suit or gym clothes sufficed for my daily wear.

In any case, to relieve myself from the bondage of clothes, shoes, and a host of other items I was so busy neglecting, I felt so free to donate. I ended up donating thoughtful treasures to a charity, that could benefit from what was collecting dust in my house. I now have space where I can thumb throw my closet, and a discovery that my shoes don’t have to match every outfit I wear. Now that I have space in places where clutter was bondage, I am now able to set up my music area with my piano and microphone. Yes, this Quarantine has guided me back to my love for the piano and singing.

Thank you SPRING! I welcome your arrival. It's time…

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