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PRESIDENT’S DAY! and My Madame Vice President!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

No matter who is or was your favorite president, I think we can agree the job is not an easy one for employment. As I look forward to our three day weekend for President’s Day, on the third Monday in February every year, I’m celebrating the freedom of being able to vote for the president of my choice.

Since voting at the age of 18, the experience has had its ups and downs. However, as a voter, casting my ballot is shared with my ancestors and women who were not allowed to vote. Whether standing in line to vote or voting by mail this is an opportunity for your voice to be heard, and should not be taken for granted. After casting my vote, I am humbled, and thinking this is for you ancestors.

As deja vu reminds me of what many black voters have said, “In my lifetime, I thought I would never see a black man as President” (Barack Obama). In the same manner, I can say, “In my lifetime as a voter, “I never thought I would see an African-American-South Asian woman as Vice President. Now, this is something to celebrate, so pull out the Chucks and Pearls!

It just goes to show, our United States of America gives us the freedom to dream, pursue it, and allow the impossible to become possible!

Despite the obstacles Kamala Harris endured, She had a dream, persevered, made history, and is now an inspiration to all women all over the world!

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