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DoV's January's Book Spotlight "Black Girl Unlimited" by Echo Brown

DoV Club acknowledges books to Empower young girls to become inspired, to be an engaged reader with an opinion, to learn values, and to understand the mindset of the author.

Echo Brown gives storytelling of resilience, courage, racism, hardship, coping, and self-discovery. Black Girl Unlimited is an autobiographical read giving the hope of empowerment and through the diversion of a magical theme takes the reader on a journey of survival through depression and oppression.

Although the journey in this novel is challenging, there is the hope of self-discovery to finding peace and the help of a supportive mentor.

Black Girls Unlimited is a read for young ladies 14 and up. This novel sets the tone for an open discussion, for Tweens to start to discover their own values and resiliency. This is a coming of age story reflecting on a difficult childhood, friendship, and love. There is a world the author creates that gives the character strength to overcome her obstacles in life.

A powerful read for a wave of emotions, so keep your tissue on hand!

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