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A Girl Can Change The World!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I'll bet if Kamala Harris pinches herself, she probably tells herself over and over, "This must be a DREAM!" The First African American woman nominated as Vice President of the United States of America! This is a huge historical moment in time. In fact, this is our time long-awaited and well deserved. And you might ask whose time? The time for Black Americans, women, and other people of color time to arise to acknowledge we exist and can make a difference in the world.

An alumni from Howard University to a lawyer, to the House-Senate, and now running mate with President-Elect Joe Biden this is a true determination at its' highest level. Kamala Harris has proved to herself and the world if you dream big and never give up you can be and do anything in the world. We CELEBRATE you Kamala Harris and support you all the way to the White House!

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